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Business Owners,

Is It Possible to Achieve and Keep Your Balance

Can You Keep Your Balance While Growing Your Wealth - Or Is It Just a Dream?

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The Make Time Institute was founded to help Business Owners Achieve Balance While Growing Their Businesses, So They Can Live Their Lives on Purpose And Leave a Lasting Impact!  

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Dr. Travis Parry

Dr. Parry began his career as a financial advisor and quickly began overwhelmed with the demands of work, school, home, and neglected his health. He found himself in the workaholic trap like many other dads who are balancing growing a business and being there for the family.

After his father suddenly died at age 49 of a stress-induced heart attack, Dr. Parry left financial services and set out on a journey to study the root causes of heart disease. His study of stress led him to a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Family Relations and Human Development.

He discovered the root of all bad stress comes from not living your highest priorities or in other words being out of balance. After he discovered the method to aligning priorities with time he was able to get out of the workaholic trap. Dr. Parry committed his life to helping dads all over the world to achieve balance in all areas of life.

Travis founded the Make Time Institute which has helped thousands of business owners in all 50 states to grow balanced businesses. He is an international keynote speaker and the host of the Balanced Growth Show, a Feedspot Top 25 Podcast.

However, his greatest accomplishment in life is husband to his wife of 21 years and father to their 8 amazing children. 

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Business Owners Dads are 5X more prone to being workaholics than the average American. However, because of our society, we tend to wear our workaholism like a badge of honor causing us to get caught in the Workaholic Trap.

Being stuck in the Workaholic Trap can lead us to burnout at work from all the stress that running an organization can give you. It can lead to neglecting your spiritual, mental, or physical health resulting in gaining weight, experiencing depression and anxiety, or losing connection with God. Our relationships with our spouse, family, and other friends and loved ones can lose their once sweet savor.​

In this interactive keynote presentation, Dr. Travis G. Parry, bestselling author of "Achieving Balance", will teach you the truth about getting out of the workaholic trap and achieving true and lasting balance. He will identify the myths that Chaos has taught us and teach the four principles of the Make Time Method. Once you are inoculated with the myths of Chaos and armed with the L.I.F.T. formula of the Make Time Method you will be able to break free of the stress and anxiety, have better physical and spiritual health, improve your relationships, and achieve your business goals in a balanced and healthy way.

Do You Struggle With

Growing Your Business While Trying To Keep Your Balance?


Does This Sound Like You?

Most Entrepreneurs tell us that they struggle with Balance while trying to grow and scale their business. Either they put off balance for a period of time and once successful they try and fix their health and their relationships-only to find they are stuck in the workaholic trap. Or they try to do everything at once making personal and work boundaries so blurred they get nothing done and the business suffers.

  • Do you feel like... you have to throw balance out the window to grow or scale your business?
  • Does it seem... you don't have the right help to grow your business 100% organically with transformational systems that make raving fans? 
  • Are you frustrated that... you aren't working in your sweet spot 90% of your day and can't seem to leave work in time for family dinner?
  • And when it comes down to it, are you...  worried that your lack of balance is catching up to you?

Then These Stories of Balanced Dads 

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Apply for Make Time Coaching

For many entrepreneur dads, reading the book or taking a course is just not enough to make the progress they need to be balanced and grow their businesses.

Some need professional coaching to adequately make the transformation stick in their business and personal lives.

Dr. Parry has coached dozens of business owners through the Make Time Method. The Testimonials above show the results that many Dads have had in the Balanced Growth Mentoring Programs.

If you are a Dad who owns a business who needs to balance in his life to save his fitness, faith, and family and would like to work hard in scaling his business, then apply for a Discovery Call (Valued at $500) and let's see if you have what is takes to make major change in your life today! 

Dr. Parry's time is valuable and coaching spots are limited, so apply to join the program today to see if you would be a good fit.

If You Aren't Ready For Coaching But Want Some Support 

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A Perfect Way To Start!

Balanced Growth Community

Grow Your Business to 7-Figures Organically on LinkedIn Without Paying for Ads, Going Viral, Building a Huge Following or Losing Your Balance!

In This "Dads Only" Community You Will:

  • Unlimited Access to Resources, so you can organically scale your business through the Balanced Growth Method.
  • Network With Other Balanced Dads, and learn from each other best practices to implement. 
  • ​A step-by-step Success Path, that will help you not get overwhelmed and actually implement the concepts you're learning.
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Join Our Virtual Option!

Balanced Growth Challenge

Sign up for "The Balanced Growth Challenge" and in just 5 days, you’ll have a simple & effective step-by-step system to help you Scale your Business while Keeping/Improving your Balance!

Inside this 5-Day Training, you will discover how to:

  • ​Balance All Your Priorities, so you can feel less distressed and more aligned with your values.
  • Be Ultra Productive, which will reduce wasted time and triple your $/hr value.
  • How to Scale with Invitology, to attract your Ideal Clients and make them raving fans.
  • Get Passed Your Fears through utilizing your support systems.


Balanced Growth Show

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Welcome to the Balanced Growth Show with Dr. Travis Parry. We want to help entrepreneurs across multiple industries achieve balance in their lives. If you're a business owner who has struggled to make time for the important things in your life both in and out of the office, then this show is for you. 

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Episode 159- Your 3-Step Guide To Ultra Productivity
Dr. Parry shares how to streamline your tasks, eliminate multitasking, and prioritize activities that matter the most to your business in just three simple steps..  Listen To More

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Episode 158- Defining Success Holistically with Shawn Rhodes
Shawn focuses on the importance of defining success holistically, focusing on actions and outcomes that are within your influence.  Listen To More

Balanced Growth VLOG

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Guest Appearance on the Expert Speaks Podcast

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Is Personal Development The Key To Balance?

Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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